A Critical, Decolonial & Feminist Blog

Welcome to our student blog, an integral component of several of our courses. Here, we embark on a thought-provoking journey to explore the meaning and practices of (in)securities.

What is (in)security? Who are the subjects and objects of insecurity in contemporary politics? What is the role of gender, race and class in creating different forms of (in)securities? How can we build more gender-just and nonviolent societies?

These questions constitute the heart of the reflections in this blog, as students scrutinize security issues that span both their everyday embodied experiences of (in)securities, and the broader global landscape of (in)securities in international politics. As a result, the blog posts delve into diverse interpretations of security-related matters, presenting nuanced perspectives inspired by feminism and decolonial viewpoints within the realm of security studies.


Critical Security Studies – BA level, Lund University (Sweden)

New Tendencies in Peace and Conflict Studies – MA Level, Jaume I University (Spain)